Quality Control

Shree Ram Engineering complies with all codes and standards applicable to products manufactured by the company. It is committed to maintain high standard of quality in compliance with customer specification.

To achieve and maintain this company has adopted a comprehensive quality assurance system in design, manufacturing, assembling, testing, examination, and packing in accordance with standard and specification. Each department is responsible for implementing and maintaining quality assurance system. The effectiveness of the entire system is assured by participation of all employees who contribute to high quality of every product of company.

We undertake and assure quality by carrying chemical analysis and mechanical testing radiography, crack detection, dye penetrate and ultrasonic testing and IGC test practice through our reliable and reputed labs. We also undertake third party inspection of reputed consultants if the customers require the same. Thus we doubly assure the integrity and safety of our products.

Our Motto

  • Adopt recognized standard of quality system.
  • Maintain high standard of quality to customer’s satisfaction.
  • Products should be fully in conformity with customer’s specification and design.

Quality Parameters

Test/Inspection Method Acceptance Criteria
Visual Inspection    
Chemical Analysis ASTM E350 Relevant ASTM
Mechanical Properties ASTM A370 Relevant ASTM
Radiographic Inspection ASTE B16.34 ASME/ANSI B16.34
Magnetic Particle Inspection ASTM E709
Liquid Penetrate Inspection ASTM E165
Ultrasonic Inspection ASTM A388
Pressure Testing API 598/BS 6755 Part 1 API 598/BS 6755 Part 1
Dimensional Inspection   Valve Standard

Each Dhoriya brand valves manufacturing at Shree Ram Engineering is inspected and pressure tested to API 598/BS 6755 Part 1 and test certificate are provided along with supply.

ASME Class * Hydrostatic Test Pressure Pneumatic Low Pressure Closure Test
Shell Back Seat
150 psig 450 315 100
  Kg/cm2 32 22 7
300 psig 1125 815 100
  Kg/cm2 79 57 7
600 psig 2225 1630 100
  Kg/cm2 156 115 7


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